PLEASE NOTE : BPF will be used within this document to represent the Bernie Prior Foundation Ltd.

1. Booking Acceptance and Payment


  • 1.1 A booking is confirmed and accepted by the BPF, only when the BPF has received the payment of the 25% non-refundable deposit as per 1.3.


  • 1.2 On receipt of payment, subject to availability and at our discretion, the BPF will reserve the client a place on a retreat. A contract is only made between you, the client and the BPF upon the confirmation of your booking and our communication thereof to you, the Client.


  • 1.3 You, the Client, shall pay the BPF, a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit in the sum of 25% of the total amount due for each person named in the reservation. PLEASE NOTE THE EXCEPTION: For the Crete Retreat 2016 Very Early Bird Rate the non-refundable deposit is 50%.


  • 1.4 Unless negotiated and confirmed in writing, the balance monies due shall be paid by the customer to the BPF, not less than 2 weeks prior to the Retreat commencement. Bookings within the last 2 weeks must be paid in full at time of booking. Payment can be made via the web site, direct deposit or international transfer.


  • 1.5 In the case of “Early Bird” Bookings and prices, the booking is secured at the Early Bird rate by receipt of payment of the 25% non refundable deposit, by the set early bird date. Full payment of the balance owing is to be paid in total, 2 weeks prior to the retreat commencement.


2. Cancellation by the Client

  • 2.1 In the event of cancellation by the client, regardless of the circumstances, the following refund fees, minus the deposit, apply. The deposit is non-refundable, as mentioned in 1.2    

o Cancellation 2 weeks or less before due arrival date, 0% refund

o Cancellation 2 to 4 weeks before due arrival date, 25% refund

oCancellation 4 to 8 weeks before due arrival date, 50% refund

o Cancellation more than 8 weeks before due arrival date, 75% refund


  • 2.2 Once the retreat has commenced no refunds will be given under any circumstances.


3. Insurance

  • 3.1 The price of the Retreat does not include your travel or personal insurance.


  • 3.2 The BPF strongly recommends that the client purchases comprehensive travel insurance cover for cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident, personal luggage, money and public liability before you travel.  The BPF accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss, personal injury/death, or damage to personal belongings and property whatsoever.


 4. Reservations

·       4.1 It is the client’s responsibility to check the accuracy of the dates booked by the client upon receipt of their booking confirmation from the BPF


5. Changes & Cancellations by the Bernie Prior Foundation Ltd. (BPF)

  • 5.1 The BPF reserves the right to amend the price of retreats offered by the BPF.


  • 5.2 The BPF reserves the right to vary, modify or cancel any Retreat, either partly or wholly.


  • 5.3 In the event of cancellation of a Retreat by the BPF, the BPF will offer a full refund or alternative dates for a retreat if available to clients booked onto the particular retreat which is cancelled.


  • 5.4 In the event of cancellation of a Retreat by the BPF, the BPF will not be liable for any travel expense or losses as a result of this cancellation. The Client is strongly advised to have fully comprehensive travel insurance to cover all losses resultant from such an event due to cancellation by the BPF.


6. Retreat Details and General

  • 6.1 In the interest of health and safety there may be times when the The BPF representative has to make a decision in the interest of the client’s safety. It is a condition of the booking that the client must comply with the authority and decisions of the appointed BPF representative. If the client does not comply with the BPF representative and the clients behaviour is not compatible with the general enjoyment and well-being of the other members of the Retreat, The BPF reserves the right to prohibit the client from continuing the retreat.  In such a case, The BPF will not be liable for any refund, compensation to the client or for any additional costs incurred by the client. The BPF cannot accept responsibility for the behaviour of clients in circumstances where other client’s enjoyment on a retreat is compromised or if any activities are curtailed as a result of a you, the clients behaviour.


  • 6.2 The BPF must be advised of any medical conditions and/or physical disability of a client which requires special attention when the client makes their booking.


  • 6.3 The client is responsible for all travel arrangements and costs to/from the point of commencement and point of conclusion of the Retreat.


  • 6.4 The Client agrees to inform the BPF of any pre diagnosed psychiatric conditions and prescribed medicationsrequired to be taken related to that diagnosis.


  • 6.5 The Client agrees to continue all prescribed medication prior to and during attendance at retreats held by the BPF.


7. Material Collection and Use Consent

  • 7.1 The client agrees that The BPF may take photographs,  film and audio of the client within session time, whilst the client is on the Retreat and agrees that such footage,  photographs and audio may be used for The BPF in the event it is required for promotional and teaching materials without obtaining further consent, in respect of ANY such photographs,  films or audio.


  • 7.2 The client must understand that it is extremely difficultand awkward to exclude individual people from group photography and that any group photography or recordings may be usedfor the benefit of the teaching and the growth of Humanity.  The client may advise the BPF at any time PRIOR to a Retreat that they do not want their image or voice to be recorded. However the BPF reserves the right to make the final decision on the recording or use of such images or sound recordings.


  • 7.3 Once the retreat has commenced, the client may advise that they do not wish a particular segment related to themselves to be released, ONLY if that segment is deemed to be sensitive in nature and pertaining to themselves, the Client.


8. Complaints

  • 8.1 Should the client have a complaint in respect of the Retreat, the client should inform the BPF representative during the course of the Retreat. If the matter cannot be resolved after the representative's best endeavours to do so during the Retreat, the client's complaint should be made in writing within 28 days thereof so that it can be investigated. Any claims made after the 28 days period will not be considered by The BPF. If the client chooses to write to The BPF via the Internet, please include a home address to reply to in writing.


9. General

  • 9.1 The booking conditions detailed herein contain the entire contract between the client and The BPF. No representation, term, warranty or condition can be expressed or implied by reference to any other writing, advertisement or conversation. This contract may only be varied in writing by a duly authorised Director of The BPF.