She Café is just 2 Km from Ohinetahi Retreat Centre, the venue for NZ Retreat.  More...

She Café is just 2 Km from Ohinetahi Retreat Centre, the venue for NZ Retreat. More...

She Universe is a unique expression of the teaching in the world, the true call to be in the world but not of the world.

A café in Ohinetahi valley, 2 kilometres from our retreat centre, a hot chocolate bar in the city and the creation of handcrafted, love-filled chocolate. The chocolate is sold wholesale all around New Zealand and recently our Mystical Collection landed on the shores of Sweden. The chocolate always carries quotes and is encoded with the love of the community, the chocolatiers and the realisation of B.

The new Summer Collection is now complete and B’s vision of Golden Times is expressed throughout the packaging and is receiving incredible feedback - a code of real change. It is a privilege to be part of this expression and know the power of truly activated particles landing in the hands of all those who love chocolate.

 Sassy Sesame Snap

Sassy Sesame Snap

This week our chocolate was acknowledged nationally, winning three awards in the inaugural New Zealand Chocolate Awards. We won ‘Café serving New Zealand’s Favourite Hot Chocolate’! Sassy Sesame Snap (all our chocolate have names) won two medals and has been on National TV and in the newspapers and the Decadent Date won silver in its category. To say we are proud is not quite the word, more in the awe of watching the light go and and be acknowledged on the stage of life.

Every breath and drop of what one expresses from the heart and Knowing is a light and beacon for the new to arrive. We love creating this chocolate and know the beautiful good work that is being done in its creativity, heart touching flavours and the code of Realisation it carries for change to take place.

With Love From Oonagh