Ohinetahi Retreat Centre, home to our busy community and New Zealand hub of the B Prior Foundation, recently hosted its first two retreats. People from around the world attended for a time of profound connection and awakening. It was truly amazing to have so many wonderful beings come and share in the beauty, the beauty of New Zealand, of Ohinetahi and of the loving field created by all coming together in a way of awakening.

During the last few months, we have created an outside marquee area where we can have satsang amongst the gardens on warm summer days. Alan, our resident builder and stone mason, along with some helpers has created a large landscaped area and wooden platform to hold the marquee structure. In January, we were blessed to use and inaugurate this outside nature area for our first retreats here. 

The development continues in this area with boundary fences being moved to create a bigger fenced area incorporating the marquee, cabins and workshop as part of the main house block. This means the sheep no longer have the chomping rights to this area. However, there always seems to be a rogue on the block with one small sheep breaking through daily and eating what should not be eaten such as new plantings. A solution is currently underway to curb these break-ins so by Spring the gardens around the marquee will be in and ready to bloom.  

We are also creating a new orchard with delicious fruits and nuts. As chief resident gardener, I am loving the opportunity presented to create a gorgeous forest garden and landscape area for all.

If anyone wishes to visit either for a brief time or longer, please let us know. We love visitors, love people getting involved and being part of our community. 

 Karen van Willigen

Karen van Willigen

We are planning another 5 day non-residential retreat here  12th - 17th December 2017. More to come on that one.

We would love to see you here!