A Movement of Truth ~ A Moment of Reality ~ A Body of Mystery

The purposeless purpose of existence is to realise the knowing of what I AM without beginning or end.
— B Prior

A powerful 5 day retreat of deep communion with Truth. This precious time of awakening is a calling to flower in greater Awareness and to communicate full meaning in all areas of your Life, forming the profoundly brighter Reality of your Real Self. 

The retreat will be in English with Italian Translation.

Awakening occurs in many different ways but essentially it can be with just one little ‘touch’ that something opens and you suddenly are in an experience of awakening, in the experience of the true condition of universal consciousness: Bliss-Awareness, the Real You.

The universe, at core, is the true condition for unconditional awakening. As a being you moved into a self that is nothing like who you actually are as Awareness - Knowing. You, the Unconditional, dropped into a totally conditional realm and identified with it. 

Awakening is when you - as a being - transform by transcending the self-habits and limitations of sourcing every moment from structures that have been passed down to you.

Awakening is a taste of pure consciousness, pure experience, which includes consciousness and all its forms - they match in utter immediacy. Joy fills the body, there is a bright-ness inside that goes far beyond the body and yet fully includes the body.”

Retreats with B

Retreats with B are an unimaginable journey into the depth of your being and beyond. They are an expression of Life’s highest and most precious calling for you to return to Source and to become a vibrant authentic expression of ALL that you are.

Held in the field of realisation you move into a radical process of profound awakening and self-transformation, un-doing your mistaken identity.

Generally a typical day has three to four sessions and a break at lunch with plenty of time to enjoy. There may well be the occasional very early morning or very late night sessions.

Every retreat with B unfolds in its own unique rhythm, in the presence and transmission of B we can only predict the unpredictable!


This Retreat is organised and hosted in full collaboration with our Italian partners, Event Organiser: Agenzia ‘LAnimale. Your booking is only complete once your accommodation has been arranged with and confirmed by L'Animale.

Immediately after booking here you will receive an email with instructions about booking your accommodation. Please book your accommodation immediately as the different options are subject to availability.

The Retreat Cost

€450 (does not include accommodation & meals)

Accommodation & Meals Cost

Accommodation is shared in comfortable rooms with ensuite bathrooms. All meals are included (most special dietary requirements can be catered for. This must be pre-arranged).

• Double/Twin room - €375 per person
• Triple/Quadruple room - €325 per person
• Dorm (single gender) - €250 per person


For any questions regarding accommodation and other retreat practicalities contact: info@spaziolanimale.com

If you have general questions about retreats with B and would like to speak with one of our team contact: christiane@bernieprior.org

Arrival & Departure:

The retreat starts with dinner at 7pm on Tuesday, 9th May, followed by a short session with B. You can arrive any time from 4pm to settle in. The retreat ends around 3pm on Sunday, 14th May.

About The Venue:

Hotel Oasi La Selva Podere Pagliano, 22  Loc. Cotorniano 53031  Casole D'Elsa, Italy

The retreat will be held at ‘Hotel Oasi la Selva’, a large and stunningly renovated farmstead from the 1700’s in the very heart of Tuscany. 

 ‘La Selva’ is nestled in the hills around Siena surrounded by forest. The natural beauty and privacy of the hotel grounds as well as the loving care of its staff provide a perfect environment for the profound inner-outer (and beyond!) journey we embark on.

Travel Info:

Closest Airports & Train Station: 
Florence airport- approx 1 hour
Pisa airport- approx 1. 5 hours
(Rome & Milan airport: 3-4 hours)

From Siena train station it is a 30 minutes ride t the venue.

Taxis and or shared transport to and from Siena, Florence or Pisa can be arranged in advance at your request.

Click here to download more in-depth travel info...

There is a waterfall inside you pouring Love. Become the cup from which all Life can drink from and know the opportunity that Life brings!
— B Prior

What The Participants Say...

"Such precious times sitting with B. So much LOVE... never ending... I love the coming together and the unfolding. I am just going to keep going there. I feel so blessed to be part of this journey!"

- Laura, UK

“My experience of the retreat was perpetual breathlessness. Each time B would speak, it was like gold filled the air. Each session ramped up in potency and relevancy to my life, rising to a crescendo in ever-new heights and depths. Thanks from the bottom of my heart."

- Oren, US