"The Calling"

Only Love is Pouring

New Zealand Retreat with B Prior

Join B for five days of deep communion with Truth. These days are a precious Calling to bring Greater Awareness to your Life in all areas. B's unique and deeply enlightening perspective and his heartful invitation to open to greater Love in all things will ignite your heart and Being from the inside out. Don't miss it!

A Day on Retreat

Every retreat with B unfolds in its own unique rhythm – a typical day has three sometimes four sessions and a break at lunch with plenty of time to enjoy, to explore and commune as you deepen in the heart. In awakened company, you can truly belong to the totality of awakening. The smallest movement will have you deeply awakening. Your whole life must belong to that.

What happens on retreat is not ordinariness. The light of Awareness goes to a place where you are available and in that availability much moves, much undoes and much is understood. You become un-blinded. You begin to clearly see and really open. You return to innocence; open, joyous, an outpouring. No longer a ‘someone’ but pure outpouring.
— B Prior

Venue & Location

Ohinetahi Retreat 30 Teddington Rd, Governors Bay, Christchurch, New Zealand

The retreat will be at Ohinetahi Retreat Centre: B's home and international centre of operations for the Bernie Prior Foundation. The Centre is situated in Governors Bay on the Banks Peninsula backed by hills at the head of the natural harbour of Lyttelton, a 20 minute drive from Christchurch.

The retreat will be held on-site with accommodation nearby in the local village of Governors Bay.

More about Ohinetahi Retreat and the surrounding area...


To be advised.

• Daily meetings with B

• 5 nights accommodation, Twin share, provided locally in the village B&Bs
single room upgrades are a possibility

• All Meals provided

• Free village shuttle runs to and from accommodation as required

Airport Transfers
Airport pick ups and drop offs can be arranged on request for a small fee. We recommend you consider hiring a car for your stay. Ohinetahi Retreat Centre is in a rural location and having your own car will give you added mobility.

Retreat Start & End Times
The retreat opens at 7pm on Tuesday Dec 12th with dinner followed by a brief session with B. The retreat concludes around 4pm on Sunday Dec 17th

If you have any further questions about the New Zealand Retreat, retreats with B in general or if would like to speak with one of our team contact: Christiane: +64 21 293 6706 or info@bernieprior.org

A soft, quiet, open heart masters all times, all spaces, all experiences. A soft, quiet heart can move throughout the universe unafraid and full, to serve all beings.

Recognise the smallest quietest place in your heart, that small quietness is enormous! Stay with it, relax in it, listen to it, speak from it, breathe from it, meet each other from it and meet the experience of each moment from it.

That spaciousness is your true nature, Pure Consciousness. Pure Love is right there and that is ‘What You Are’.
— B Prior

Retreat participants share their experience and inspiration.